Make Your Gifting Impactful with our Corporate, Event and Large Order Options

Each gift set includes a candle delivered in our beautiful gift box along with a dust cover, matches and our impact card. There is an option to add a handwritten note on the fragrance side of the impact card. 

Recipients will feel good knowing that their gift transformed lives. Instead of having to rely on dangerous and harmful kerosene lamps, each candle purchase delivers 672 hours of clean, safe, solar light to a family, school or clinic in Sub-Saharan Africa.

If you are interested in gifting for events, large groups or corporate gifting, please email us at with the following information: 

  • How many candles would you like to order?
  • In-hand date? Are they each going to different addresses or all to one address?
    • Would you like Onegrid to handle individual fulfillment?
  • Which fragrances or mix of fragrances would you like to give?
  • Are you interested in a handwritten message for each gift?
  • Please add any other details you feel will be helpful

A personal handwritten message can go in the space below on the Fragrance Key side of our Impact Card. We recommend 3-4 brief sentences to look best. 

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