What cause are we helping by buying a candle?
We started this company to provide people living off-the-grid with a clean and safer alternative source of light. People living without access to electricity mostly turn to Kerosene lamps for their primary light source. Kerosene fumes are not only extremely harmful to people and the environment but are also very expensive. Money saved from switching to solar lights can be spent on necessary food and medicine instead. Join us in the fight to eradicate Kerosene and provide clean light to those in need!

How many people worldwide live without access to electricity?
Over 1.2 billion people are still without access to electricity worldwide. That's 20% of the world's population! Almost all of the people living off-the-grid are in developing countries, including about 550 million people in Africa and over 400 million in India.

What are some of the benefits of switching to solar?
- Not buying kerosene saves a rural family around $70 per year (up to 25% of household income). Money saved from solar is commonly spent on better food, education, medicine, and farming.
- On average children study for an extra hour each night after switching to solar and the improved light source is shown to increase motivation, attendance and performance at school.
- Rural families are much safer with a reduced risk of lung damage and home fires from burning kerosene. Switching to solar also reduces the black carbon (soot) emitted into the environment by kerosene lamps. Emissions from the world's fuel lanterns is equivalent to the exhaust from 30 million cars.

Who do we partner with to deliver our solar lights?
We partner with non-profit organizations that sell solar lights to people in need living off-the-grid. Yes, you read that right! Selling these solar lights (instead of giving) creates a more sustainable and far reaching market within these rural communities.
Our primary partner is SolarAid, a leading international non-profit charity tackling climate change and poverty by creating a sustainable market for solar lights. With our help, their goal is to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2030.

What percentage of donations go to the charities?
Rest assured your money is going to a great cause! For every candle purchased, we make a cash donation to our partners to deliver one handheld solar light to someone in need living off-the-grid. We believe having a tangible metric like this is completely transparent and the best way to quantify our change on the world.

Where are the candles manufactured?
Our premium candles are designed and manufactured right here in the United States.

Are OneGrid Candles available in retail stores?
We currently only offer our candles online but plan to begin distribution through retail soon. If there is a local store in your area where you believe the candles should be sold please email us at sayhi@onegridcandle.com.

If my question is not answered here, who do I ask?
Email us at sayhi@onegridcandle.com!

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